SECO Coffee Beans

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Available in two qualities, Amabile and Famiglia Espresso.

Product Information


Founded in the Milan area in 1956, Torrefazione SECO is a coffee roasting company that has been providing authentic Italian restaurants and stores with its high-quality coffee blends for over 60 years. The company stands out from the big brands by selecting only the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta coffee to create its unique blends, available in various formats. 

Size or Dimensions

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Unit price: 1 kg

Available also in pallets: 
1 pallet contains 50 boxes (6 kg each)

Total net weight: 300 kg
Total gross weight: 345 kg

Total Dimensions: 80x120x225 cm 

Product Details

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Amabile: High-quality blend composed of 90% Arabica coffee from the best 

plantations in Central America, Brazil and 10% selected Robusta. Measured and persistent taste with a slightly acidic edge, with a pleasant aftertaste. 

Famiglia Espresso:  

Medium-high blend composed of 60% Arabica from Brazil and 

Central America and 40% selected robusta. Vigorous taste, 

astructured and harmonious blend with a note of chocolate. 

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